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Interview with content editor Harrison Demchick Reedsy

Meeting with content editorial manager Harrison Demchick Reedsy â€Å"It’s about making the absolute best form of your story†: A meeting with Harrison Demchick It’s great to see non mainstream players and conventional writers united on what truly joins them: the story, the art, and offering incredible substance to perusers. Also, editors have a major part in that, one that is regularly untold. This is the reason we like to give them a spot on the Reedsy blog.Today, we talk with one of these authors’ uncelebrated yet truly great individuals: a formative manager. With 10 years experience both in-house and independent, Harrison Demchick is one of the incredible editors we have brought to Reedsy, and one of our absolute first clients. In addition, he has an incredible story to tell! For the admirers of the composed word, I’ve translated the majority of it below. But for the individuals who need to participate in the conversation, you can straightforwardly go along with us on the hangout!Hi Harrison, great to have you here. You’re â€Å"the world’s most careful substance editor†, as indicated by your R eedsy profile. Did you begin as a substance editorial manager or more as a duplicate supervisor or proofreader?At the time I began, I didn’t know the differentiations yet. At the point when I was in secondary school and school I was doing duplicate altering for a few magazines or papers yet when I began working in distributing, the distributer just gave me a composition and instructed me to â€Å"edit it†, and for me that characteristically included both the duplicate and the content.From the absolute first Summer I started in distributing (2005), I’ve been doing content (formative) altering. It just required some investment before I knew the proper term that was credited to it.Do you acknowledge to work with creators who come to you with an incomplete draft? Or then again is there a specific at which you incline toward creators to get in touch with you (first draft, third draft, etc.)?Generally I do favor working with a completed draft, that makes it a lot simp ler to give by and large criticism, particularly with regards to story or character curve, peak, and so on. In any case, similarly as cleaned that draft should be, I believe I can be valuable whenever from the primary draft on. I for one like experiencing the entire formative alter process and give input moderately early, if not directly after the main draft, so the creator can comprehend what they have to do and have an arrangement of assault for the following draft.If you begin working with a creator on the principal draft, for the most part to what extent does it take for you and the creator to arrive at the last original copy stage?Well that relies a great deal upon the specific circumstance and to what extent I’m remaining with a venture. When in conventional distributing I was with an undertaking through and through and that could be a procedure that could last somewhere in the range of a half year to two years, to ensure that the books that we put out were as solid as they could be.On the independent side it relies a great deal upon the writer and their heading. I love to adhere to ventures when I can: I start with a formative alter and do a littler discussion thereafter. Furthermore, in the event that I see when books happen to be distributed as opposed to when I’m got done with taking a shot at them, it still regularly winds up being over a year after we start.Obviously it truly descends at long last to how rapidly and viably the writer functions, and what they need from me afterwards.As you have worked both in-house for a distributer and independent, do you see any huge contrasts by they way you work with writers in the two cases? The distinctions, as I would see it, are not really that immense. All things considered, the large distinction for me to the extent what I get the opportunity to accomplish professionally, is that I currently get the chance to concentrate altogether on the altering, and that’s one reason I decided to go independent. Be that as it may, similar to the creators, I work with both with creators who plan to independently publish and with creators who intend to begin reaching distributers after they’re done working with me.And in either the case the objective is the equivalent: it’s to recognize what’s working, what’s not working, and how we can improve it and make the absolute best form of the author’s manuscript.One could put forth the defense that when working with somebody seeking after customary distributing the spotlight could be more on the most proficient method to best market it for distributers. And keeping in mind that I’m glad to give criticism on that, for me it doesn’t matter the extent that the story itself is in the same class as it very well may be. For me it’s about making the most ideal variant, and that’s a similar whether it’s for customary or self-publishing.I certainly like your point there, it o ught to consistently be tied in with getting the nature of the composition as high as could reasonably be expected. I likewise believe that a few books, as indicated by the class, are in reality progressively appropriate for independently publishing (in light of the fact that the objective market is littler, possibly). Do you attempt to prompt creators on which distributing course they should take? Or then again do you adjust the adjust their composition and their story to the course they’ve chosen?I certainly prompt, however I don’t suggest, essentially. Each creator has their own methodology and my main responsibility is to assist them with accomplishing their objectives. Obviously on the off chance that I see an issue with those objectives or something that could make it simpler I will tell them that.Self-distributing and customary distributing both have their advantages and disadvantages, and I don’t consider sort to be one of them, fundamentally, one of the distinctive qualities. For the most part creators who have chosen to independently publish or customarily distribute have done as such for explicit reasons and as long as those are substantial I will give a valiant effort to prompt them and work in that manner. Luckily, my experience is to such an extent that I can exhort viably regardless of which bearing they choose.Do you figure a decent supervisor can work with any creator out there, or is there one ideal proofreader for each author?I absolutely wouldn’t go that far. I think there are unquestionably situations where a specific editor’s character or approach would work better for a specific creator, that is no uncertainty valid. Be that as it may, there are additionally a great deal of differences in quality among editors out there. A great deal of the time it’s less looking for the one that fits, than experiencing many individuals who are not so much awesome at it before discovering someone who very it boil s down to being as powerful as you can be. I think that’s  more significant than having a specific science with the writer you’re working with.I certainly concur with your point on the uniqueness of value in editors out there, and that is a piece of the motivation behind why we made Reedsy.Exactly, and one purpose behind that will be that many individuals expect that they can alter, on the grounds that they love to peruse and they’d love to be useful to writers. Additionally, in light of the fact that they don’t know completely what goes into it. What's more, some beginning with that conviction and really become astounding, which is energizing to see.All this makes it extremely difficult for the creators to know whether the individual they’re conversing with is somebody truly talented or just somebody exceptionally energetic who needs to accept they will be ready to support the writer. That’s why I, as well, love what Reedsy is going for i n light of the fact that it assists writers with exploring that.You are yourself a distributed writer with one book out there: The Listeners, and were likewise a screenwriter before that. What pushed you to distribute? Did altering a great deal of books make you need to put your own work out there?Actually, it’s the exact inverse. The Listeners began as a progression of short stories I wrote in my last semester of school, around a similar time I began my profession in altering in a distributing company.This specific arrangement created in a screenplay, and the distributer I worked for communicated an enthusiasm for a novel adaptation, which I composed. In any case, for some time, my involvement with distributing really made me not have any desire to put the book out there, in light of the fact that I realized the showcasing challenges. I realized I would be out there, up front attempting to fabricate a readership, doing book signings, interviews, and so forth. These are every thing that I realize how to do, and that I prescribe to creators, however things I don’t have a specific talent for myself. I’m not an incredible advertiser or self-advertiser, it’s not my nature.Fortunately, I had enough individuals around me revealing to me I was a moron and that I should seek after distributing, so I did, and I’m appreciative for the open doors I have had since gratitude to that.I’d like to get done with a simple inquiry: on the off chance that you had one proposal for non mainstream creators out there, regardless of whether they’re generally distributed, independently published, or half and half, what might it be?I assume it is enlist me, haha! Be that as it may, more comprehensively and less egocentrically than that, what separates an essayist from a writer in my brain is the amendment procedure: pushing forward, doing everything that’s in your capacity to make the absolute best form of your story. There is nothi ng more breathtaking than taking a thought from idea to initially draft as well as from first draft to definite draft. So my recommendation would be: follow that street as far as possible, don't stop part way through.I concur, and I absolutely second that counsel. You rock for your time, Harrison!You can discover Harrison Demchick, Ricardo and Reedsy on Twitter: @HDemchick, @RicardoFayet and @reedsyhqDo you work with a formative editorial manager? In the event that truly, mention to us what he/she brings to your writing in the remarks beneath! Furthermore, in the event that you have any inquiry for Harrison, do utilize the equivalent remarking space ðÿ™‚

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Equality and inclusion in health Essay

Result 1 Understand the significance of balance and consideration. 1.Explain what it is diversity,equality,inclusion,discrimination. Assorted variety †is in the administration clients houses I work - there are people and a range in ages too.Each will have their very own encounters and preferences,for model †for food and activities,different attitudes;for model †to staff and servise clients ,beliefs,health status and scholarly ability.These contrasts make up decent variety. Correspondence †equity implies rewarding everybody decently and making equivalent open doors accessible this likewise includes regarding people. Consideration †incorporation includes making the individual the focal point of their life,involving them in everything that is about them,so that they are effectively associated with all parts of their life,care and backing. Segregation †pessimistic preferences create against individuals who are diverse somehow or another. Biased conduct brings about uncalled for ,crooked treatment.It should be possible against the individuals who are diverse regarding their age, sex, nationality, ethnic foundation, religion, capacity, budgetary status and size. 2.Describe manners by which segregation may purposely or accidentally happen in the work setting. Ways that segregation can happen could be founded on an individual’s capacity or on their budgetary status .Direct separation would happen if the consideration laborer shows an objection,that is shows an aversion of the individual and won't support them,because of the degree of their capacity or decidesâ that they will pull back their administration due to the individual’s money related status which they accept doesn't qualifies them for the help. Accidentally separation would happen if the consideration specialist worked in a manner that demanded just working with people or staff that met certain prerequisites or demanded in working is one set route without asking them or discovering from them as this would unintentionally prohibit people from being bolstered. 3.Explain how rehearses that help balance and consideration diminish the likehood of separation. Rewarding the individual reasonably ,on a similar level and giving them equivalent chances to lodging, instruction, business, transport, wellbeing and social consideration can help as the individual will feel esteemed and rewarded decently and not made defenseless or set apart that will lessen ,if not dispense with any victimization that individual or by that person against others. Incorporation additionally is significant as the individual will know about their rights,will feel in charge and will feel upheld to have the option to settle on their own decisions and have their necessities met thus decrease the danger of the individual being oppressed others. Result 2 Be ready to work in a comprehensive manner. 1.Identify which enactment and codes of work on ralating to equality,diversity and separation apply to claim job. In my working environment we have arrangements and strategies on uniformity ,diversity,inclusion and segregation. There are additionally the GSCC codes to rehearse for social consideration workers.The Equality Act and the Human Rights Act are relavant enactments. There are different bits of enactment set up to advance equity and decrease segregation . These include: The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 The Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 Show of the Rights of the Child (UN 1998) The Human Rights Act 1998 The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (as altered) Business Equality Regulations 2003. 3.Describe how to challenge separation in a manner that supports change. The most ideal approach to challenge the prejudicial perspectives of a social consideration specialist or an individual is to talk through their conduct with them and clarify that segregation will be endured .This isn't done in a forceful manner,but rather an approach to attempt to understand that individual to perceive that they are receiving a contrary mentality - this must be clarified obviously ,yet in addition in a delicate and open †disapproved of way .It should be possible if it’s a social consideration laborer during an evaluation as this permits them an opportunity to figure it might be that individuals are helped to remember the effect separation can have and what the working environment strategy and system says about these. All separation must not go on without serious consequences and must be accounted for quickly to a senior individual from staff. Result 3 Know how to get to information,advice and backing about diversity,equality, and consideration. 1.Identify a scope of wellsprings of data ,guidance and backing about decent variety ,uniformity and consideration. Revelant enactment, for example, Equality Act 2010,my line manager,my organizations Policies and Procedures ,my colleagues,training (Equality and Diversity, Mental Capacity Act 2005, Safe-guarding ,Person-Centered Support/Planning),the internet,the books,articles&reports,Care Quality Commision,Skills for Care,Charities&Organizations, for example, British Instituteâ for Learning Disabilities,Sense,Action on Hearing loss,Mind. Data from individual,advocate,care plans,procedures,guidelines, enactment and codes of training. Counsel - from manager,key worker,advocate. Backing †from manager,colleagues. 2.Describe how and when to get to data ,exhortation and backing about diversity,equality and incorporation. On the off chance that you accept or suspect that somebody is a survivor of separation, at that point it ought to be accounted for promptly to my senior or chief for help or guidance ,just as in the event that you feel that as an individual you are a casualty of disccrimination in any structure this ought to be taken to my senior or administrator .If you recognize segregation in the home however are uncertain of how to handle it,or regardless of whether it is advocated to meddle with something then counsel ought to be called for structure a senior individual from staff if the appropriate response can't be gotten via looking through consideration plans or any arrangements and methods. For instance: You may have had a grievance about disccrimination in the home however can't really observe it for yourself and are uncertain of what to do,the individual might be lying or the individual perhaps a casualty to imbalance or segregation by somebody who is very carefull not be caught,it would be almost difficult to observe something yourself ,so looking for help and counsel from a senior individual from staff or considerably another consideration laborer could manage the circumstance with more people keeping an eye out and attempting to defend the person being referred to.

Imagine What essays

Envision What papers John Lennon's Envision is one of the most helpful melodies ever. It generally made individuals consider the expressions of his tune. A few inquiries rise, for example, how might the world be if there was no viciousness, religion, or nations limited by limits? The tune came when there was alot of dissent. Lennon was consistently one to think of harmony and congruity and the essentials of life. At the point when Lennon writes,Imagine all the individuals living in peace(11- 12), he implies that he thinks about what the world would resemble, if everybody were equivalent. There was no rich or poor, if there was no hunger,everyone simply sharing what they had and no desire. Each nation would have similar equities and there would be no underdeveloped nations. That is the thing that the melody Envision portrays, an idealistic state. The message was imparted through music by a craftsman who was one of the best lyricists ever. John Lennon and his significant other, Yoko Ono, were twoof the greatest supporters of world harmony. The melody questions in the event that we could envision what it resembles to live like that. Envision, is a tune that will consistently make you stop and marvel what it would resemble Envision. John Lennon. 16 October 2000. ... <!

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Free Essays on Leadership Secrets Of Attlia The Hun

â€Å"Leadership Secrets of Attila the hun† The book â€Å"Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun,† is about a man name Attila who hundreds of years prior transformed gatherings of innate migrants into one of the best battling country of the old world. He accomplished this by using his success coordinated, assume responsibility initiative aptitudes. All through the book Attila the Hun shares 16 mysteries to his chieftains he learned inside his life to all the more likely oversee and lead their clan of warriors. Despite the fact that Attila and his hypotheses on administration are from the ancient time they despite everything hold solid importance in cutting edge the executives and initiative. In this book report I will additionally investigate how a couple of Attila privileged insights could conceivably apply in the today’s broadcasting work environment. Attila (406-53 AD) was an individual from the decision group of the Huns, a savage country of approximately bound clans in never-ending relocation. At the youthful age of 12 years of age he was sent to Rome and held prisoner in the Roman court. There he increased a lot of information on Roman polices and military which helped form him in to the pioneer he became. Being held hostage there he built up a solid contempt for Rome that filled his later desire to overcome the world and eventually oust Rome. A brief timeframe subsequent to coming back to his clan he became lord of the Huns and started making a country with a shared objective, to overcome the world. By 451 AD Attila’s Hunnish armed force of savages comprised of 700,000 warriors prepared to take on Rome. Shockingly when the opportunity arrived, Attila needed to withdraw on the grounds that the brutes, who where untalented in infantry strategies, were not going to have the option to overcome Rome. Attila before long turned all his vitality and extraordinary authority aptitudes to make the vital changes in his military to guarantee that next they will vanquish Rome. The Huns came back to Rome â€Å"not as bungling savages however also prepared and â€disciplined armed force capable in the execution of military movement,†(Roberts 9). ... Free Essays on Leadership Secrets Of Attlia The Hun Free Essays on Leadership Secrets Of Attlia The Hun â€Å"Leadership Secrets of Attila the hun† The book â€Å"Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun,† is about a man name Attila who hundreds of years prior transformed gatherings of ancestral travelers into one of the best battling country of the old world. He accomplished this by using his success coordinated, assume responsibility authority abilities. All through the book Attila the Hun shares 16 insider facts to his chieftains he learned inside his life to more readily oversee and lead their clan of warriors. Despite the fact that Attila and his speculations on initiative are from the ancient time they despite everything hold solid pertinence in cutting edge the board and administration. In this book report I will additionally investigate how a couple of Attila insider facts might apply in the today’s broadcasting work environment. Attila (406-53 AD) was an individual from the decision group of the Huns, a savage country of approximately bound clans in ceaseless relocation. At the youthful age of 12 years of age he was sent to Rome and held prisoner in the Roman court. There he increased a lot of information on Roman polices and military which helped form him in to the pioneer he became. Being held hostage there he built up a solid disdain for Rome that energized his later desire to overcome the world and at last topple Rome. A brief timeframe subsequent to coming back to his clan he became ruler of the Huns and started making a country with a shared objective, to vanquish the world. By 451 AD Attila’s Hunnish armed force of savages comprised of 700,000 warriors prepared to take on Rome. Lamentably when the opportunity arrived, Attila needed to withdraw on the grounds that the savages, who where incompetent in infantry strategies, were not going to have the option to crush Rome. Attila before long turned all his vitality and incredible initiative abilities to make the vital changes in his military to guarantee that next they will overcome Rome. The Huns came back to Rome â€Å"not as botching savages however too prepared and â€disciplined armed force capable in the execution of military movement,†(Roberts 9). ...

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5 Things Nobody Tells You About Query Letters

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Query Letters In this video, we discuss five things about writing query letters that nobody tells you.Now that youve written a book or an article and you want to get it published. But how do you make that happen?First, dont mention money or payment. The purpose of a query letter is to request that an agent, publisher or editor consider your writing to be included in their publication. Just like you wouldnt ask a prospective employer exactly how much they are going to pay you before you discuss your qualifications, neither should you inquire about payment when writing your query letter.Second, keep it under a page (single-spaced) and half a page is better. Remember the simple point of writing a query letter is to let to the publisher or editor know what you have written and why they should want to read it.Third, mention publishing credits or writers awards, but only if they are significant. If your only publishing credential is a guest post on your best friends blog, its best to leave that off of t he query letterâ€"unless your best friends blog has thousands of readers.Fourth, make it personal and tell the reader why youve sent it to him or her specifically. The best way to find publications that cater to a niche audience is to look through the publications websiteâ€"particularly the about and media kit sections. This research on your end will give you details concerning the publications audience, reach, goals, and vision.Fifth, if you have a regular writing platform or social media account focused on your writing, mention it briefly, along with a link and stats related to your audience. The reason for doing this is very simple: publishers (or agents or editors) understand that an audience is an important thing. For them, audience numbers and statistics translate into dollar signs. Its just that simple.Rememberâ€"you only get one chance to make a great first impression. So do your research and make it count.

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Positive Men, Negative Women Unfortunate Gender Connotations in A Sunday Morning Tragedy, The Newcomers Wife, and Other Poems - Literature Essay Samples

The poetry of the Victorian novelist Thomas Hardy contains some progressive ideals which challenge negative stereotypes associated with women in the Victorian era; notable here are poems such as ‘A Sunday Morning Tragedy’ and ‘The Newcomer’s Wife’. He challenged the Victorian sexual double standard, which ‘upheld different standards of chastity for men and women’ and marginalised unmarried women for sex outside of marriage. Nevertheless, Hardy also contradicts this progressive attitude in poems such as ‘At an Inn’ and ‘A Trampwoman’s Tragedy’, by conveying a greater sense of empathy toward male characters than female characters, thus attributing negative connotations to a female gendering. To a certain extent, Hardy could be seen as challenging the importance of Victorian society’s rule and the extent to which they dictated the lives of Victorian women. In the poem ‘A Sunday Morning Tragedy’, Hardy writes from the viewpoint of a mother, whose daughter is seemingly jilted by her lover, as she lived in ‘poverty’, despite being pregnant. The mother is portrayed as a socially conscious individual, who responds to her daughter’s apparent misfortune by acquiring a drug to ‘balk ill-motherings’, a phrase which leads to the mother postulating as to ‘why should they’ be considered ‘ill-motherings’. The negative connotations of the adverb ‘ill’ infer that illegitimate children are somehow imperfect, whilst the plural form of the noun ‘mothering’ implies that the mother of the child should take sole responsibility for an illegitimate child. Hardy challenges the widely held Vic torian societal belief that a mother who bore an illegitimate child should face ‘condemnation from their community, simply for conceiving a child outside of wedlock, despite not being solely responsible for the conception of the child. Victorian society’s attitude toward illegitimate children often culminated in the murder of these children. Hardy discovered one incident in 1885, which served as an inspiration for the poem, where women dropped their illegitimate children into the river below, to rid themselves of the shame that the children brought upon them. As Hawkins states, â€Å"it was these disfigurements and mutilations of the natural sexuality of women that aroused in Hardy a deep feminist sympathy.†. Through ‘A Sunday Morning Tragedy’, Hardy expresses his dislike toward the standards of Victorian society, mainly as a result of his own experience to the damage that these values had upon the lives of numerous young women. Thus, Hardy’s poetry rejects the notion that a female gendering should evoke negative connotations, as it questions the lack of equality in the treatment of men and women, in regard to society’s double standard of sex outside of marriage. Hardy continues his remonstration of Victorian society’s ideals, thus promoting progressive feminist ideals, in his poem, ‘The Newcomer’s Wife’. According to Barry, the focus of feminist criticism ‘is on the heroine’s choice of marriage partner, which will decide her ultimate social position and exclusively determine her happiness and fulfilment in life, or lack of these’[1]. Conversely, in ‘The Newcomer’s Wife’, it is the husband’s fate and social position that is determined by his wife. Therefore, to some degree, the female character has some power, as her previous actions influence the fate of her husband. Nonetheless, one could argue that this portrayal of the female character evokes negative connotations. Hardy writes from the male perspective, which infers to the reader that he emphasises more with the husband than the female character, who is demonised for her sexuality. The husband ‘knows nothing of [his wife’s] past’. The use of the negative adverb ‘nothing’ evokes a sense of sadness and futility; the husband is completely unaware of the impact that such an embarrassment will have upon his life. Thus the reader is made to feel sorry for the husband, more so than for the wife. In addition to this, in the bar, the people refer to the newcomer’s wife as having enjoyed ‘many a love-campaign she had enjoyed before his reign’. Hardy reinforces the sexual double standard by ascribing positive connotations to a male character. Various legislation such as the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1857 enforced this double standard. By law, women could be divorced on the grounds of their adultery alone, while it had to be proved that men had made the adultery worse by committing other offences. By perpetuating the Victorian sexual double standard, Hardy cannot be said to be evoking positive feminine connotations, as he appears to advocate ‘sex ual inequality’[2]. In this poem, he appears to blame women for their ‘love-campaigns’, perpetuating the Victorian double standard against women, which therefore furthering the statement that a masculine gendering is supposed to evoke positive connotations whereas a feminine gendering evokes negative ones. Whilst Hardy does reject some negative female stereotypes, at times he fails to challenge others. Written in 1898, before the death of his wife, ‘At an Inn’ follows the journey of two lovers to an inn; possibly to begin an affair. This poem may be written from personal experience as Hardy was known to have had an infatuation with Florence Henniker, a young novelist. However, this love was unrequited, ergo Hardy makes reference to ‘love lingered numb’. Such alliteration conveys the tragic circumstance, from Hardy’s perspective, of Henniker’s rejection. The sombre, melancholic tone is further reinforced by the unusual rhythm and uneven stanza length. Nonetheless, at the time at which the poem was written, Hardy was still married to his wife, Emma Gifford, and the pair had become separated despite living in the same house. Florence Henniker, or whomever the poet is referring to in the poem, is used as a commodity for Hardy’s needs. He clear ly overlooks the woman’s personal choice to remain friends because he is too blinded by his own desires. Feminist criticism examines the power relations between characters within narratives and poems. In this particular poem, Hardy, whilst he objectively does not appear to have any control of the situation, seems to trying to force the woman in the poem into a relationship which she does not consent to. The feminist critic Millet states that ‘the distribution of power between male and female characters often mirrors the distribution of power over males and females in society at large’.Thereupon, Hardy is preserving the Victorian social construct of male dominance by ensuring that the male characters within his poetry hold power over women to some extent. In ‘At an Inn’, the male character holds power by attempting to influence the emotions of the female character, which means that although Hardy might have some progressive ideals in regard to the Vic torian sexual double standard and its effect on working class women, his attitude towards women he was romantically interested in suggests that Hardy presents women within some of his poetry in a negative light. Similarly, in ‘The Trampwoman’s Tragedy’, Hardy, as he does in ‘At an Inn,’ appears to empathise with the ‘plight’ of the male character. The poet blames the female character for the misfortune of the male characters, as she ‘teased [her] fancy-man in play and wanton idleness’. The adjective ‘wanton’ implies that the female character is sexually immodest and promiscuous and that her function within her relationship is purely sexual; this reinforces the anti-feminist ideals of the Victorian era as Hardy gives power to the male character within the poem. Moreover, the woman states that she ‘would not bend my glances on my lover’s dark distress’. The use of the noun ‘dark distress’ infers that the male character is in a great deal of emotional pain, which the woman does not perceive. This lack of emotional awareness conveys that the female character does not have the intelligence or capability to recognise emotional pain in others, appearing to be ignorant and nonchalant in the face of her partner’s suffering. In both ‘At an Inn’ and ‘The Trampwoman’s Tragedy’, Hardy has a bias toward the male character due to his own personal misfortune, which causes him to demonise female characters, who aren’t necessarily at fault. Charles Darwin dismissed the traits of women as ‘characteristic of the lower races’ and that ‘man has ultimately become superior to women’. His views were a product of his Victorian society, and so are Hardy’s. The poet fails to address the Victorian sexual double standard, as he favours the male characters in the poem, believing them to be victims of the woman’s actions rather than the woman being a victim of Victorian society, who is forced to believe that she must use her sexuality in order to assert dominance. Ultimately, the presentation of women in Hardy’s poetry is too influenced by Victorian society, and consequently a female gendering evokes negative connotations, as his work is too prominently ingrained with the societal beliefs of the Victorian era.

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Outline Of An Effective Marketing Plan Essay - 1920 Words

Executive summary The aim of this report is to propose an effective marketing plan to be presented to the financial investors who have agreed to invest capital in cosmetic business. A proposed plan is required which work as a layout to start any business. This report is made after analyzing the target market and the trends that may affect the growth of the business. Cosmetic industry is already an established industry and there are many companies already in the market which offer quality products and therefore; an effective plan and its implementation is detailed in this project report. The company starts its operations with a vision to offer good quality beauty care products to meet the demands of customers which belong to different categories. The company will open its first store in Christchurch as it is the third most populous city of the country. The name of the company will be â€Å"Nature’s Gift†. For an effective marketing plan, a SWOT Analysis is done to help the company in understanding the market. Along with it, 4Ps of marketing are also discussed in this plan to have a better understanding of the cosmetic market in the country. Customers need to be educated regarding the products that are being offered by the company and why they are better than other similar products in the market therefore; the company will organize seminars across the city and distribute free samples to the customers. All the products will be made using natural processes and no harmfulShow MoreRelatedEssay on Model questions for Global Marketing1523 Words   |  7 Pag esï » ¿Model questions for Global Marketing Outline and discuss the principal causal factors that encourage firms to undertake the international marketing of their products and services. Cultural and political forces influence international marketing activity. Discuss the impact of these forces and illustrate your answers with examples. â€Å"The global competitor will seek to standardise his offering everywhere† (Levitt). Critically evaluate this view with specific reference to a firm’s internationalRead MoreAldis Customer Choice Case Study1139 Words   |  5 PagesThe purpose of this report is to outline the main factors that influence ALDI’s customer choice, describe the marketing process used by ALDI and evaluate the main marketing strategies that are employed by ALDI. In addition, the consumerist market of ALDI places an importance on identifying and satisfying their customers by developing a sustainable marketing plan. 1. Outline the main factors that influence ALDI’s customer choice. The four key factors that influence consumer choice are psychologicalRead MoreEssay On Content Marketing Strategy903 Words   |  4 PagesHow to Plan a Content Marketing Strategy Effectively: A Start-to-Finish Guide - 17 Tips Content marketing is essential for businesses in the world because it helps them to plan and prepare for cost-effective and reliable sources of numerous new leads and website traffic. However, whether you have been using content marketing strategies for decades or you are a new person with content marketing you need to improve your plan. Everyday people create and publish more content. Therefore, there is stiffRead MoreInternet Marketing1291 Words   |  6 PagesHND in Business Unit 30: Internet Marketing Unit code: D/601/1102 Assignment Brief LEARNING OUTCOMES On successful completion of this unit a learner will: 1 Understand marketing through the internet 2 Be able to use the internet for promotion using digital marketing communications 3 Be able to produce market research to support customer relationship management 4 Be able to design an internet marketing plan. |Learning outcomes: |Assessment criteria for pass:Read MoreThe Vision Of The Outdoor Segment905 Words   |  4 Pagesidentify what areas of the initiative were least effective. In your writing, discuss how these areas could be improved through the employment of the advice shared in our readings. In regards to a large scale change initiative that I have been a part of would be when I kick off a marketing plan for a upcoming project. At this point in the project I am creating the urgency for the team to begin working towards the goal. Within this marketing plan I will share the vision of the company and also theRead MoreMarketing Plan For The University Of Queensland Medical Society931 Words   |  4 Pagescreate a marketing plan. This report will analyse and identify information that may be used for the purpose of a marketing plan for the University of Queensland Medical Society (UQMS), Ashintosh Foundation (AF) Teddy Bear Hospital (TBH). Background information of the TBH will be given, and from this the current marketing situation will be discussed, along with a SWOT analysis, analysis of the service objective goals, determining the marketing strategy, and identifying integrated marketing communicationRead MoreThe Importance of Market Research782 Words   |  3 Pageswit h it (Beri, 2008). The main argument in the paper is that market research is an essential part of a business regardless of whether they are new or not. First, it would be important to explore the concept of market research before going deep to outline its benefits. Basically, there two types of market research, which are Primary Market Research and Secondary Market Research. A research on a particular market is likely to return qualitative and quantitative information. Qualitative information involvesRead MoreThe Budget Process1747 Words   |  7 Pages1. Budgeting - An Introduction A budget is a plan that outlines an organizations financial or operational goals. It is an action plan. It helps a business allocate resources, evaluate performance, and formulate plans. Understanding the importance of budgeting is the first step in successful financial planning. This tutorial introduces budgeting and the 5 most commonly used methods of budgeting 2. Preparing amp; Controlling a Budget Budgeting is potentially a managers most valuable planning andRead MoreInternet Marketing1284 Words   |  6 PagesHND in Business Unit 30: Internet Marketing Unit code: D/601/1102 Assignment Brief LEARNING OUTCOMES On successful completion of this unit a learner will: 1 Understand marketing through the internet 2 Be able to use the internet for promotion using digital marketing communications 3 Be able to produce market research to support customer relationship management 4 Be able to design an internet marketing plan. |Learning outcomes: |Assessment criteria for pass: The learnerRead MoreMarketing Effectiveness Case Study1730 Words   |  7 PagesPlan measurement of marketing effectiveness Assessment Task 2: Case study Part A: Identify and analyse measurement of marketing effectiveness: 1. Summarise the above case study to determine the organisational business requirements and campaign’s benefits. Organisational business requirements: - The organisation s vision, goals, objectives and priorities: The organisation vision must be clear and easy to understand to all personnel so that it is easy to understand to every one working in the